About Us

What We’re About

Best Practice is Taylor Reynolds, Kaylyn Jung, Kate Wilson, Tyler Olthuizen, Holly Hudson, Kassi Bellamy, David Sutrin, and Adrienna Bailey.

Best Practice is an audio and visual experience, dedicated to sharing the stories of women in creative industries. We’re all about women helping women, and that begins with learning from each other. We want to be your source of inspiration and motivation.


What We’re Trying To Do

Best Practice aims to foster an environment where the support and mentorship of women is encouraged, maintained, and celebrated. We want the power of storytelling to help creatives identify, visualize, and take the actionable steps towards their goals. By sitting down with women who are no stranger to the hustle, we’ve curated advice that will help guide you to success. Our podcast promotes the belief in thought-provoking dialogue between women, cultivating strong ideas and connections. We want the podcast to bridge the gap between varying artists and provide a message of unison amongst creative entrepreneurs. Our podcast series provides a roadmap for women to navigate similar conversations in their own spaces.


Best Practice Podcast

Season 1 of the Best Practice podcast is all about visual art. Taylor and Kaylyn sit down with artists from across North America in order to cultivate a space of sharing and most importantly, mentorship. Whether the tools they use are tangible or strategic modes of thought, they get down to the nitty-gritty of what it takes to make waves in the creative community. Featuring the likes of Shawna X, Vanessa Granda, Daniela Spector, and so many more, our first season has finally arrived!

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Zesty Zine

What’s that? A zine too??

That’s right! We want to use our zine to feature the artists, their work, and the time we spent with them.  The zine will be updated as our podcasts come out for your viewing pleasure. It is the perfect companion for our podcast. So, download your very own copy, print it out, and cherish this moment that we’re all sharing together.

P.S. It’s free.

Our Zine